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Retail Tours

In a time when customers don’t have time any more to wander the world looking for new stores, our Retail Tours are inspirational breathing intervals. This new mean of learning also offers team building opportunities.

Our process

  • Design of custom point of sales itineraries for your internal teams according to a theme that has been chosen together.
  • Organization of a day rich with meetings, discoveries, and networking opportunities, offering an abstract of the best current trends at the heart of European and International capitals.


Tour themes:

Latest Retail trends, connected stores, beauty, food, concept stores, etc.



1 day, 9am-6pm


Cities to explore:

Paris, London, New York, Brussels-Antwerp, Milan, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Dubai, Singapore, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, Hong-Kong.

Retail Expeditions

Retail is going through a full blown transformation that is visible far beyond the physical point of sale. Our Retail Expeditions are an immersive experience of several days, dedicated to the visit of stores, experience discovery, and meetings with professionals and startups of the Retail sector.

Our process

  • Design of a tailored itinerary through a city showcasing a mix of retail tours, speakers, showroom visits, meetings with startups, etc.
  • Opening up our address book and organize meetings with the most relevant representatives to your problematics.



Omnichannel, in-store experience, blockchain & retail, RFID, mobile payment, voice commerce, etc.



Tailor-made, generally 2 to 3 days.


Cities to explore:

Paris, London, New York, Barcelona, Singapore, Shanghai.

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